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Ukrainian Girl “Amellia Anisovych” Who Sang ‘Let It Go’ in Bunker, performs for thousands in Poland

Ukrainian Girl Amellia Anisovych Who Sang 'Let It Go' in Bunker

Poland | The brave 7-year-old Ukrainian girl who went viral for singing “Let It Go” in a bomb bunker in Kyiv got to perform in front of a full soccer stadium in her temporary new home, Poland, on Sunday.

At the televised “Together for Ukraine” charity event at the Atlas Arena stadium in Lodz, little Amellia Anisovych sung her country’s hymn in a traditional Ukrainian embroidered outfit.

Ukrainian Girl Amellia Anisovych Who Sang 'Let It Go' in Bunker1

Instead of singing to cheer up her fearful colleagues, she performed in front of tens of thousands of people, with the majority of them holding up lights in the massive stadium, as film reveals.

Despite the massive crowd, the youngster sang in the same confident voice that was recorded on camera in a bomb shelter when she sang Idina Menzel’s signature song from “Frozen.”

People all across the globe were intrigued by Menzel’s performance, with Menzel herself writing, “We see you. We really, really see you.”

Amellia has escaped to Poland with her grandma and brother, while her parents are said to be still in Kyiv. According to UN figures, Poland has taken in almost 2 million of the approximately 3.5 million refugees who have fled Ukraine since Russia’s invasion.

Ukrainian Girl Amellia Anisovych Who Sang 'Let It Go' in Bunker2

Viewers contributed more than $380,000 to the performance on Sunday, while the organizer, TVN Media, contributed an additional $800,000.