Editorial Policy

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How are we source content from content partners?

Good Morning Post’s mission is to make it as smooth as feasible for readers to discover what’s happening current in India and around the world. All content indexed on here is sourced without any payment from content material partners and offer or takes no financial bills from our content material partners for generating site visitors.


Good Morning Post offers news, informative statistics about Different industries, technologies, software and applications. This content includes facts, characteristic articles, forums, how-to guides, specific reports, case studies, blogs, videos, and information supplied by readers or viewers.

Our business model relies on income from sponsors and advertisers . These organization /agencies/ companies promote their or third-party’s products and through banners, storefronts, product listings and trough different marketing vehicles. They additionally sponsor precise portions of the websites news also.

Our editorial goal is to entertain or educate readers by offering relevant news and updated information. We additionally provide a discussion board for the development of industry causes. We are objective, honest and sincere in the Updated Latest News coverage. Our portal aim to provide interesting, logical useful information to our all readers. We use a lot of resources to accumulate genuine information, to publish a useful article about any breaking news or industry.

We encourage advertisers who advertise on this news sites, to provide such information about promotion which can be used in articles as news, but final decision about publishable content is decided by the editorial staff by analyzing promotional service or products.

  1. Our editorial mandate is to broadcast news, information, and resources applicable to our selected industries for our readers. We try to be an independent source in that, we publish only facts that we consider to be applicable and important. Our principal intention in reporting a news is to be accurate, trustful, balanced and truthful to all parties.
  2. All Readers are most welcome for a healthy comment, feedback and criticism.
  3. We inspire readers and industry executives to make a contribution for latest news, columns, commentaries, Articles, and blogs etc. Guidelines for those columns are that to awareness on topics of interest to our readership, that they do not characteristic an overtly promotional tool / device for a company or product, that they’re not malicious and/or libelous, and that they’ll be honest.
  1. We aren’t liable for the accuracy of any published content material or different resources provided by out of doors parties. Reference Hyperlinks are checked for accuracy at the time of publication, but we find that the Internet is every time changing and these links may come to be invalid or change without prior intimation.
  1. Once an informational item or news is published, we try to contact individuals featured or quoted in the story right now after it appears on the If those people point out an error of fact, we are able to accurate the inaccuracy immediately. If someone notice any error may report us, all the changes will be considering as improvement of story. Nothing will be paid for that.
  2. we can appropriately label numerous types of content material. Content this is provided by an enterprise source can be labeled to differentiate it from unique and exclusive content material produced and written via our editors and team of freelancers.
  3. Corrections policy: We attempt to meet the very best standards for accuracy and completeness. It is our policy to immediately accurate any genuine mistakes as quickly as come under our notice.
  4. Opinions expressed via bloggers are the ones of our valued individuals. We do not always share or endorse those opinions openly.
  5. Factual errors need to be reported to our editorial department, figuring out the story and information of the error. We will immediately look into any declare of inaccuracy. You may also contact to our Copyright Agent.

Editorial Liability

The editor has editorial independence in daily editorial selections. Additionally, the editor keeps editorial independence for any of the views, remark, statement, and evaluations of others published story.

Participation by relevant and interested government departments and agencies, regulatory and standards bodies, state-owned enterprises, institutes, industry associations, universities, consultants, readers, industry leaders and experts, in the form of technical articles and other editorial submissions, shall be proactively encouraged.

Where a submission is controversial, we shall make affordable efforts to make sure that relevant diverse perspectives are solicited and pretty presented, and that right of reply is provided. Publication of articles, statements, perspectives, comment, opinion, and analysis shall not depend on any particular issue or factor of view of the editor.

Discretion is vested in the editor to shorten an editorial for different motives and as per available space, and if it suitable, that is usually done together with the writers or content partners.

Additionally, the discretion is vested inside the editor in deciding whether or not to publish, Partially or whole article or story, editorial submission or letter. Such a decision shall now not be primarily based on any specific point of view of the editor.

However, a choice now not to publish, an editorial submission fully or partially may be because the editor considers, it to be irrelevant to our target audience, dishonest, intentionally and maliciously misleading, having a wrong or dangerous hidden agenda, or due to the fact the editor considers that this website may be used for fallacious purposes. We can even now not submit ad-hominess attacks focused on individuals.

Content Partners

We don’t take fee for any referrals or lead generation activity. The editorial team works with many content material partners from different part of world to create a great interesting entertaining content for readers across various industries. These partnerships are based on the shared gain to both parties (USAMorningPost.com and Content Partners) by way of publishing content on the site and generating significant traffic and visibility for our content companions.

Content Submissions

We frequently receive a lot content material as submission requests from local, national, international journalist, bloggers, PR agencies, writers etc. Wishing to submit content material to publish on portal. Even as the editorial team is always glad to be notified approximately the potentially thrilling or interesting content which finally published on site after qualities screening. We do not pay for content material to be created, nor we assure any submitted content material might be published on the web page.


Latest, Breaking, Updated and new stories are added to the website on daily basis. It is the editorial aim to be as inclusive and comprehensive as possible. Our editors work with custom designed editorial software program and through every day engagement with published content material, companions to make certain featured content material reflects the breadth and diversity of key newsworthy occasions taking place within the international media industry.

From time to time we may publish authentic original and unique content but this is applicable for our editorial team not for content writers.  The preparation of content materials is done by a lots of content writers from worldwide writer’s team.

Some examples of content we feature on a regular basis are articles focused on Technology and gadget news, latest breaking news, economical issue, international agenda, Bollywood news etc.

If you want to recommend a news article to us, feel free to email us with your name and contact no. to our editor on [email protected]


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