November 26, 2016

Donald Trump plans to make getting a green card very, very difficult

Donald Trump plans to make getting a green card very, very difficult


US President-elect Donald Trump gestures as he speaks at election night rally in Manhattan, New York, US
It begins. (Reuters/Mike Segar)
World leaders are seeking clarity from president-elect Donald Trump on a number of pressing issues, including trade and relations with NATO. While there’s a lot of guesswork about Trump’s policies, there’s one thing the rest of world should prepare for: a titanic shift in immigration.
Trump’s hard-line position on immigration doesn’t just affect undocumented immigrants; he wants to severely restrict legal migration too. Trump has vowed to “keep immigration levels, measured by population share, within historical norms.” Since 1970, the US’s foreign-born population has nearly tripled in percentage terms, to 13.3%, and it’s projected to reach 18% by 2065, according to the Pew Research Center.
Trump wants to make it much harder to get a green card (permanent resident status), but has yet to define what he means by “historical norms.” When the US began collecting data on the immigrant share of the total population in 1850, it stood at around 10%. It fluctuated before peaking at around 15% in 1890—due in large part to high levels of European immigration.
In 1921, the Emergency Quota Act began limiting immigration from a country to 3% per year of the number of people from that country who already lived in the US in 1910. The 1924 National Origins Act cut this quota to 2% and also excluded immigrants from Asia. Between the 1930s and 1970 the immigrant share dropped sharply, reaching a historic low of around 5% in 1970.
So if Trump’s “historical norm” is from 1921 to 1965, the number of green cards issued each year would halve, according to the New York Times (paywall). If the norm runs from 1966 to 1976, when Trump was in his twenties, it would fall by 41%.
Whatever the target figure, Trump has announced a number of plans to make it harder to obtain a green card in the next four years. One of his most radical ideas is to stop issuing green cards altogether for a period of time, thus freezing the ability of existing US residents to bring family members to join them.


November 5, 2016

How does the US presidential election work- US election 2016: All you need to know

US election 2016: All you need to know

Voting booth in 2012Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES
The most powerful nation on earth is about to elect a new leader, with the impact felt across the globe. So how will the election work and how did we end up with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?
When the US picks its president, it is not only choosing a head of state but a head of government and a commander-in-chief of the largest military on the planet.
It's a big responsibility. So how does the process work?

Who can be president?

Technically, to run for president, you only need to be "a natural born" US citizen, at least 35 years old, and have been a resident for 14 years. 
Nearly every president since 1933 has been a governor, senator, or five-star military general. And that's before you even consider getting a party nomination and securing national media attention.
In this 2016 election, at one stage there were 10 governors or former governors and 10 who are or were senators, although many have since dropped out. 
One person is nominated to represent the Republican and Democratic parties in the presidential election.

Why is it Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump?

Media captionKatty Kay explains the long and complex process for picking a presidential nominee
A series of elections are held in every state and overseas territory, starting in February, which determine who becomes each party's official presidential candidate.
The winner of each collects a number of "delegates" - party members with the power to vote for that candidate at the party conventions held in July, where candidates are formally confirmed.
The more state contests a candidate wins, the more delegates will be pledged to support them at the convention. 
Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump were the clear winners in 2016 and were officially nominated at their party's conventions in July.
They are two of the most unpopular candidates in modern American history.
Media captionHow did we end up with two such unpopular candidates?
At the conventions, the parties also officially unveiled their vice-president picks - Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia for Mrs Clinton, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence for the Republicans.

The big talking points of the campaign

There has been a slew of controversies generated by Donald Trump, from the moment the New York businessman launched his campaign with the description of Mexican immigrants as "rapists and criminals". His candidacy has rarely gone a few weeks without sparking some uproar. He's waged wars of words with a judge, a Miss Universe, a Fox News anchor and the Muslim family of a fallen soldier. He's had to defend his refusal not to release his tax returns and the suggestion he has paid no federal income tax for 18 years, plus field questions surrounding his charitable foundation.
And Hillary Clinton has had her share of anxious moments too. The damage wrought by her private email arrangement to her reputation is thought to be significant, despite the FBI effectively closing the investigation in July and clearing Clinton of wrongdoing. Questions have been raised about the foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation. Mr Trump has also put the spotlight on the part she played in pushing back at the women who claimed to have affairs with her husband Bill. And WikiLeaks has been revealing hacked emails that have laid bare some embarrassing conversations between members of her campaign team.

And the two big October surprises

The biggest bombshell to jolt the Trump campaign came on 7 October with the publication of a video from 2005. Mr Trump is heard referring to women in sexually offensive terms when he was caught on a live microphone during the filming of a soap. The furore forced him to issue an apology and try to convince voters that the words in the video "do not reflect who I am". But it wasn't enough to stop dozens of Republicans from deserting him, sparking civil war within the party. Now more half a dozen women have accused him of sexual assault, and he has hit back forcefully, accusing them of being liars and not attractive enough to warrant his attention. 
Then just 11 days before election day, the FBI announced it had found more emails "pertinent" to the Clinton email investigation, but could not yet say how significant these emails were. They were found on a laptop belonging to the estranged husband of one of Clinton's closest advisers, Huma Abedin, as police investigated whether he sent explicit text messages to a 15-year-old girl. These emails are now being looked at by the FBI to see if they include classified material or any evidence that their investigation into the emails was intentionally hampered. 

What do the polls say?

And what about policies?
The campaign has been consumed by controversy and the vote on Tuesday feels more like a referendum on the two candidates's personalities.
But there are substantive differences on issues too.
Here's a full rundown on where they stand, and below is a look at what's at stake.
Media captionWhat's at stake in the US election: Supreme Court
Media captionWhat's at stake in the US election: Refugee policy
Media captionWhat's at stake in the US election: Immigration

How does the vote in November work?

Media captionElection 2016: The race for battleground states
Votes are cast on Tuesday, 8 November.
The candidate with the most votes in each state becomes the candidate which that state supports for president.
It's all down to a system called the electoral college, a group of people who choose the winner - 538 of them, in fact. Just half of them - 270 - are needed to make a president.
But not all states are equal - California, for example, has more than 10 times the population of Connecticut, so they don't get an equal say.
Each state has certain number of these "electors" based on their population in the most recent census (it so happens that it's the same number of districts in a state, plus two senators).
When citizens vote for their preferred candidate, they're actually voting for the electors, some of which are pledged to one candidate, some for another.
But here's where it gets interesting. In almost every state (except Nebraska and Maine), the winner takes all - so the person who wins the most electors in New York, for example, will get all 29 of New York's electoral votes.
In the race to get to the magic number - 270 - it's the swing states that often matter most.
Obama supporter in 2012Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES

What are swing states?

So, we've got two candidates, both in a race to get to 270 electors by winning whole states at a time.
Both parties think they can bank on certain states, big and small. Republicans will count on Texas, and not waste their money campaigning to a great extent there. Similarly, California is likely to sit in the Democrats' column.
The others are known as "swing states" - where it could go either way. Florida in particular, with its 29 votes, famously decided the 2000 election in favour of George W. Bush, who lost the popular vote nationally but, after a Supreme Court case, won the electoral college. 
Other swing states include: Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, North Carolina, Nevada.

When does the new president start work?

In the days and weeks after the election - if the vote is decisive - the victor will assemble a cabinet and begin crafting a more thorough policy agenda. 
Meanwhile, the departing "lame duck" president works to shape his legacy and begins packing up his belongings.
Under the US constitution, the president is inaugurated on 20 January of the year following the election.

What about the US Congress?

The Senate election results will also have a big impact. Republicans currently hold the majority in the 100-seat chamber. But 34 seats are up for grabs on 8 November. Democrats need a net gain of four seats to win control of the chamber if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, as the US vice-president is automatically a member of the Senate, and five seats if Donald Trump is victorious. 
In the House of Representatives, all 435 seats will be contested. Republicans have controlled it since the 2010 mid-terms, and currently hold 247 seats, compared to the Democrats' 188. This means the Democrats would need to win 30 to regain control. A swing of this size is widely considered unlikely, though they may narrow the Republican majority.

More on the US election

US2016 banner

October 15, 2016

Dateline Greencard Lottery 2016 !

Dateline Greencard Lottery 2016 !

US Government reports: Green Card Record Number of Winners Published

US Government reports: Green Card Record Number of Winners PublishedThe US government has recently released the statistical breakdown of the DV diversity visa program, the so-called green card lottery.

Approximately 110.000 successful applications for US permanent residence were randomly selected from more than 13.6 million entries which were received during the 60-day submission period last year.

However, only half of the selectees will actually receive a green card. The other half is expected to either not follow through with the application process or be disqualified due to strict educational and financial requirements requested from all winners.

More than half of all applicants were born in a developing country. The top three countries in terms of winning entries were Ghana, Nigeria and Bangladesh, Together they account for more than 15% of the total number of winners.

Due to per-country limitations, only 3,500 winners per country are allowed to receive a green card. Even if educational requirements are met, more than half of Ghana´s 8,752 winners will therefore not be able to actually come to the USA.

While the green card lottery is especially popular in less developed countries, interest is rising in Europe as well. A new research by the Pew Institute in Washington has shown that confidence in Obama has lifted the US image considerably around the world, especially in Germany, where US favorability has risen from 31% during the Bush years to 64% this June.

This research is supported by a record number of green card applicants from Germany last year. The submission period for the green card lottery lasted for about four weeks after the last presidential election. During that time, there was an increase of almost 150% in applications from most European countries." More applicants result in a relatively higher number of successful participants as well. In Germany, for example, 532 people actually won the green card - a high number.

Application form : click here

in german / in deutsch

October 5, 2016

55,000 Green Cards Are Now Up For Grabs In A Lottery

55,000 Green Cards Are Now Up For Grabs In A Lottery

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) has opened its annual process for prospective immigrants to apply for 55,000 green cards in a lottery system Tuesday.
DOS’s Diversity Visa program targets people who come from countries that typically don’t immigrate to the U.S. Individuals from countries that have had more than 50,000 people immigrate to America in the last five years are not eligible to apply for a green card through this program.
Among the many countries that have been excluded from the green card lottery are Mexico, El Salvador, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and China. Some of the people that can apply for visas are applicants from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Syria and many more. DOS has designated Iran, Syria and Sudan as three state sponsors of terrorism in the world.
Applicants to the program must have a high school education or two years of work experience in a trade that requires two years to learn. If an applicant is not from one of the eligible countries, they can still apply as long as their spouse or parents are from one of the countries listed by DOS.
The annual lottery for 55,000 visas was set up by Congress in 1990 and has been very popular — 14.4 million people applied for a spot in the coveted annual lottery in 2015 alone.
The paperwork involved in the lottery system is free. DOS stops accepting applications for this year’s lottery Nov. 7 at 12pm ET.


EB-5 News

Did lawmakers flub the temporary renewal of EB-5?

Congress thought it extended the EB-5 visa program at the end of September — but did it?
A letter from the Congressional Research Service, which serves as a research arm for Congress, questions whether the EB-5 Regional Center Program, which earmarks green cards for investors in development projects, was lawfully extended. The continuing resolution, issued Sept. 30, was slated to keep the program up and running until Dec. 9, and lawmakers could hash out terms for a potential long-term authorization during that period.
But in the letter, dated Oct.3 and reviewed by The Real Deal, CRS cites a legal technicality which may mean the program is no longer legally funded. The program, it says, was subject to certain “sunset provisions” that see it expire unless explicit legislative action was taken to extend it. Since no legislation was technically passed to extend the program, it may have lapsed. That means the Regional Center Program, which helps developers raise billions of dollars for real estate projects, may no longer be active.
The letter was sent in response to a request from legislators, who were unclear on the status of the program.
If that is, in fact, the case, the government could have opened itself up to litigation from thousands of investors who wouldn’t get the green cards they were promised, sources said.
“If it has expired, it means they can no longer process regional center investors filings,” said one EB-5 expert, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “There would be no more issuing of green cards. The ramifications would be huge.”
Representatives for both the Senate Judiciary Committee and CRS did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
A botched renewal would just be the latest in a long line of controversies related to the program, which many have argued is rife with fraud and abuse.
Detractors claim it favors projects in wealthy parts of the country and can be used to bring dirty money into the U.S., while proponents say it promotes development and creates jobs. Real estate developers, who’ve tapped the program for cheap capital, have actively lobbied to keep it alive.

September 14, 2016

US economy: Citizenship for sale - EB-5 visas EB-5 Visas - Miami - Florida

US economy: Citizenship for sale


US economy: Citizenship for sale
From the 36th floor of a downtown Miami office tower, Ronald Fieldstone has a 360-degree view of the construction boom that he has had a hand in fostering.

Sample the FT’s top stories for a week

You select the topic, we deliver the news.
There is the high-speed rail line that will connect the city to Orlando, home of Disney World. To the west is the newly renovated Langford Hotel and to the north is the building site of the Paramount Miami Worldcenter, a 60-storey condominium and retail complex, where construction crews are digging the foundations.


All of those projects are funded, in part, via an investor visa programme known as EB-5 that gives investors a path to US citizenship. For a $500,000 investment in a project that creates at least 10 jobs in a high-unemployment area, a foreign national can eventually receive a green card that allows him or her to live and work permanently in the US.
Miami, already a magnet for wealthy families from Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina, is using the EB-5 programme as a tool to attract cash from China. Officials hope to transform Miami into an international banking centre with close ties to China, which they hope to cement by persuading Chinese airlines to begin nonstop flights from the mainland.
Miami’s embrace of the EB-5 is not without controversy. Critics say it is rife with fraud and used to launder money. Canada ditched a similar programme while Australia tightened its requirements after finding there was little economic benefit. 
Some US lawmakers say it sends a bad signal — trading visas for cash from the wealthy while much of the money has gone to well-off areas, not the distressed regions the programme was designed to help.
Congress will vote later this month on whether to renew the programme. Even supporters like Mr Fieldstone say it needs more regulatory oversight to limit fraud and protect the national security interests of the US.
Advocates of the programme say it has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into mega-projects in New York and California, including the 12.7m sq ft Hudson Yards office complex in Manhattan. Now Florida wants a bigger piece of the action. 

Lawyer Ronald Fieldstone spends 50% of his time dealing with EB-5 cases

For decades, Mr Fieldstone’s legal practice dealt primarily with corporate securities work, but today he spends 50 per cent of his time working on EB-5. “The success rate is really high for EB-5 funded projects,” he said. “South Florida is a special place. You can’t duplicate it — the climate, transportation and beach. I think the Chinese look at it as a gateway city.” 
The EB-5 programme was created in 1990 as part of the Immigration Act to spur the US economy and promote job growth. Since then it has brought in $15.5bn in investments and created 84,400 jobs, according to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, a unit of the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees the programme. Applicants need to loan $1m to a job-creating business or $500,000 if the project is in an economically depressed area. After roughly five years the investor receives a green card and, if they are lucky, their money back with a profit.
Other countries have investor immigration programmes of varying levels. France requires a €10m investment in a project that creates 50 jobs. Malta’s programme, which issues an EU passport for €650,000, has drawn the ire of the European Commission. The UK raised its requirement to a £2m investment in government bonds. 


Annual limit for EB-5 visas, which was reached for the first time in 2014
The US programme sputtered along largely unused until the 2008 global financial crisis made it harder for real estate developers to obtain financing. Canada’s 2014 decision to close its programme, which had been extremely popular with wealthy Chinese, also gave the US version a boost.
The US scheme is capped at 10,000 visas annually, which it hit for the first time in 2014. Chinese investors are by far the biggest users, accounting for 86 per cent of the visas issued last year. That has created a backlog for Chinese applicants entering the programme, which is now up to 18 months. Some fear they will choose other countries given the delays.

Shutdown threat

The programme’s fast growth has exposed vulnerabilities in the system. There have been criminal cases alleging investor money was stolen. A Chicago man was charged with stealing $160m from investors that he purported to use to build a convention centre. He pleaded guilty earlier this year.
Two government watchdogs have found deficiencies in oversight. An accountability audit found USCIS failed to consistently enter information, such as names or dates of birth, in its system to track individuals for potential fraud. USCIS says it has consolidated its examination staff in Washington and has started random visits to regional centres. It is also expected to propose regulatory changes later this year to strengthen the programme, including raising the minimum investment.
Congress is divided over whether to improve the programme or simply end it, as Canada did. One lawmaker, Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California who is the vice-chair of the Select Committee on Intelligence, says it should be shut down.
“I believe the programme is deeply unfair, sends the wrong message about this country’s values and is prone to fraud and abuse,” Ms Feinstein wrote in an op-ed last year. “It says that American citizenship is for sale, and that’s not what our country stands for.”
“It’s cash for a green card,” adds David North, a frequent critic of the EB-5 programme, who is a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, a conservative think-tank. “I don’t think we should be selling visas to anybody.”


Value of investments through the EB-5 scheme, which has created 84,400 jobs
One of his concerns, which are shared by some lawmakers and law enforcement agencies, is ensuring that cash is not being laundered or that the individual receiving the visa is not a threat to national security. “It’s very hard to trace money through particularly obscure Middle Eastern or Chinese financial systems,” Mr North says.

Hotting up

In Miami, the view is that the influx of capital will raise the city’s profile internationally and attract more business. Developers have been on the ground in China promoting the city as the best place to park their cash.
Real estate developers began their effort to recruit Chinese buyers five years ago, but now those efforts are interwoven with EB-5 financing.
Marketers for the Paramount Miami Worldcenter began pitching the residences in China last year. Paramount’s builders hired a feng shui expert who advised them on introducing the right earth, wood, metal, water and fire elements in the development. They were advised to position the chairs in the lobby to face the door and green potted plants were added to the seating area. A fireplace was also added.

A condominium development in Florida © Getty

For the first time the developers of Paramount decided to use EB-5 to finance a project. In March, following the Chinese new year, they deployed a team to the southern city of Guangzhou to pitch to potential EB-5 investors. “There seemed to be a much greater interest by the Chinese for investment opportunities in the US,” says John Montani, a business consultant to the developer.
For many of the overseas investors there are other appeals, from access to the US education system for their children and a safeguard against political difficulties in their home country.
The Miami Chamber of Commerce 18 months ago launched an Asia task force. “We have very few people here who speak Mandarin and who really are familiar with Asian and Chinese culture and customers. We have to build up our troops,” says Seth Gordon, chair of the task force. 

EB-5 visas issued per year

He says the city also needs to hedge its bets against cycles of instability in Latin America, where countries such as Venezuela and Brazil have been hit by the commodities bust. “When China began to pay attention to us [it’s like] when somebody is passing an approving look at you across the bar and you smile,” Mr Gordon says. “You begin to think, ‘Maybe we should have a relationship.’”
One hurdle is changing the image of Florida that many associate with Mickey Mouse or drug trafficking. The Chamber of Commerce arranged a visit of a group of Chinese journalists to help promote the images of sandy beaches, clean air and ocean breezes.
In February, members of the chamber, the mayor of Miami and others met the Chinese consulate’s Houston office to discuss opening a branch in Miami, according to three attendees. A representative for the Chinese consulate did not have an immediate comment.
Two months later, a delegation including the Miami-Dade County Commissioner flew to China and made presentations to China Eastern AirlinesChina Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines to discuss offering a nonstop service, according to a written memorandum summarising the mission, and viewed by the Financial Times. China Eastern put Miami on its “shortlist” for introducing the new service within one to two years, according to the memo.

Eyes on Cuba

Angie Ki was among those in the Miami delegation. Ms Ki had grown up in Malaysia and lived in North Carolina for 25 years with her husband and children, working in real estate.


Proportion of applicants for EB-5 visas that were Chinese investors
During a family visit in 2014 to Hong Kong, she was struck by the televised broadcasts of US President Obama’s visit to China when he spoke of the US lifting sanctions on Cuba and the expansion of the Panama Canal. Seeing parallels between Cuba and the lost opportunity for many to capitalise on the growth of China’s economy, Ms Ki had an idea. “I had to be in Asia to discover Miami,” she says. 
After some persuasion, her husband agreed to relocate to downtown Miami in May 2015 and Ms Ki has been recruiting Chinese to Florida.
Chinese investors “look at Cuba as almost 20 years behind China. They’re more excited about Cuba than Florida to be honest. But Miami is a stepping stone to go to Cuba,” Ms Ki says.
When a group of Hong Kong businessmen came to visit, Ms Ki took them on a boat ride around the city.
“They look at the buildings from the boat and say, ‘Oh my god, there is so much room to build high-rises. You’ve got so much room to spend’,” she recalls.
Ms Ki helps parents seeking EB-5 visas for their children, who will then go to university in the US and, with a green card, be in a better position to compete for jobs after graduation.
“Miami is just waking up to the Asian market. If I was here three years ago I couldn’t get a job. Now, I can speak Chinese and have connections in Asia. It’s hot,” she says.
“You’re going to see a lot of them coming,” Ms Ki predicts.

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Here’s his plan. 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